Here it is!

All right – here’s my updated ebook now named


It’s only been up on Amazon a couple of days and has already gotten a 5-star rating!
Read it, keep it nearby, brandish it like Wonder Woman’s shield, USE the knowledge it imparts, and always keep in mind – you can’t know enough about the topic if you’re going to protect yourself. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

It’s free 7/3/17-7/7/17. Until then, and after that, it’s only $2.99.
Get it at:


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This is great

Love this –

Now, THAT’s fighting for your right not to be harassed! We need that here!

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I’ve just taken my e-book off of I’m going to be putting it up on, and it can’t be up on both places at the same time (per Amazon for Kindle). So, I’ll post here when the book is up and running on Amazon. Although it will come under the heading of Amazon for Kindle, it will be readable on any electronic device that accepts e-books.
It will take a few days (it’s a process that include re-formatting the book, re-titling it, writing the marketing material for it, et. al., but I believe it’ll be worth the wait. Stay tuned…

As for Cosby’s hung jury, as I understand it, it was one lone male juror who was the hold out. Our fight to end our rape culture (and the harassment that’s condoned, as well) will never be won – by anybody – until men join the fight. It’s not just a woman’s issue. Some men get that and will fight with us. As long as there are males who believe it’s their “right” to do whatever they want, where women are concerned, even if it means harassing and assaulting us, we will be handicapped in our fight. Decent men, who would never behave that way, HAVE to speak out against the kind of behavior that lets no woman feel safe from abuse.
As I’ve mentioned here before, I was almost one of Cosby’s victims. Back in ’72/73, he was trying to get me to come up to his hotel suite for a “tennis lesson.” I refused. Thankfully, I was spared what other women weren’t, who believed his come on lines about him helping their careers – THAT is sexual harassment. Tragically for those women, it went to the worst extreme and resulted in rape.
We will get another case going in another jurisdiction and, if it can be done, we will be able to get more of Cosby’s victims to testify. Maybe the next jury will be more reasonable and justice will finally be done for 60+ women whose lives were touched – and in some cases, ruined – by a serial harasser/rapist.


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An Announcement

Everyone watching the Cosby trial details on tv & in social media? This is an important case – if Cosby wins, it’ll be sending the WRONG SIGNAL to harassers/rapists everywhere (that they can get away with their assaults). Send good vibes to the judge and jury. We’ve GOT to win this case!

Now, an unrelated announcement –
I’ve finally gotten the first of my (6) books up on Amazon for Kindle! (I feel positively immortal)
It’s a YA time travel fantasy adventure called In Salem’s Wake (aka Crone).
Logline: A California teenager is magically transported back to the year 1700, in New England, where she finds herself to be a crone! She has to deal with suddenly being old, while having to stay out of the way of stubborn witch hunters. She has crone mentors who teach her about magic. It’s a hoot.
This story started life as a script. I knew someone at Disney Studios. She gave me good notes on the script, told me who to submit it to there, and I got it in, but never heard back from them. She contacted me later and advised me to adapt it as a book – she thought it was too good a story not to be at least read, if it wasn’t going to be filmed. So I did.
If you have any teenagers (female, especially) in your realm, please let them know about the book. It can be read on any device that displays e-books. It’s free on Amazon for 5 days – 6/19 through 6/23! Meanwhile, it’s only 99₵. I’d love a review, if that’s possible. Here’s the link to it:

I’ll get my HTAHLOSH book up there soon, but I’ll have to change the title (it didn’t rate high enough on the Lulu title website). I’ll keep you informed.

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Good news – Bill O’Reilly has been ousted from Fox News due to the sexual harassment lawsuits against him (and Fox’s loss of advertising revenue, as a result). See, speaking out CAN work!
If you’re being harassed, don’t keep it a secret. You have rights! (The right to feel safe in your home/workplace/on the street) Don’t protect harassers. Their harassment takes its toll on you. Why would you protect someone who’s victimizing you?
Bravo to the women who spoke out, and to Fox News for finally taking a no-tolerance stand on the issue. It may not change everything in every company in America, but we have to slay one dragon at a time. We can do it!

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Sorry it’s been a while since I posted. You wouldn’t believe how busy my life’s gotten. Still, that’s no excuse.

I’m going to be putting my book up on Amazon (for Kindle) soon (and taking it off of Booklocker (I just think it will sell better on Amazon) FYI

Empowerment, for only $10!

Can you believe Trump is defending Bill O’Reilly? But then I guess those sexual assaulters have to stick together…

April is Sexual Harassment Awareness Month. So, if there is any question as to what constitutes sexual harassment, or what to do about it, please read my book. Ignorance never protected anyone from anything. Just sayin’

Will get back to posting when I get my book up on Amazon. Got to announce that!



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Good advice

Can’t believe I haven’t posted since October. Guess I’ve been busy…

There’s an article in British Weekly:

Re: Ralph Clarke – the last sentence in the article says it:
This case sends out a clear message that it is never too late for survivors of abuse to speak out.”

Here’s to a great 2017.

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