Don’t you hate it when you’re typing a post and the screen pops you out, then you have to reconstruct everything you were saying? Just happened to me, here. :0 GRRRRR!!!
Sorry, I’ve been away again. Got really busy (court, job hunting, replacing my old car, et.al.). But, I’m baaaaacckk…
Re: Bill Cosby – I want to make you aware of the new FB page for Bill Cosby’s survivors: https://www.facebook.com/We-Support-the-Survivors-of-Bill-Cosby-715166358581307/timeline/
Please check it out and support it. The survivors were and are very brave to speak out; to resurrect the pain and the shame. But they know it’s important. They don’t expect anything to come from it (financially), but they want other women to know what they went through and to be careful (not just of Cosby but of anyone like him).
I can’t emphasize enough how important that is, speaking out. Becoming a harassment/rape victim is horrendous enough, but allowing others to become one, because you protected the harasser/rapist by your silence, is impractical and unacceptable. You might have been spared if victims previous to you had spoken out. It’s our duty to stick up for ourselves and to aid in protecting others who could meet the same fate.
I know this should have been posted on the Sexual Harassment in Hollywood page – Bill Cosby section – but I wanted to make sure it wasn’t overlooked. I’ll post some links to new items on the BC topic in the usual place. News is breaking daily…
Be safe.


About nhparry2288

I want to introduce myself and my book to you. I am N. Hope Parry, the woman who, in 1992/93 had three highly-publicized sexual harassment lawsuits – I sued ABC TV, AFTRA, and the Stage Manager of “General Hospital.” I won all three and went on to write a book about the topic, HOW TO AVOID/HANDLE/LITIGATE OVER SEXUAL HARASSMENT (I also gave seminars based on the information in my book). The book is now up on Booklocker.com, at http://www.booklocker.com/books/4397.html. So many people could be helped by this book - there is much information in it about what sexual harassment is, how to handle it, and what the laws are. Sexual harassment doesn’t only happen to people in Show Biz, though – I put a lot of stories in the book about my harassment experiences in other lines of work, also, so a broader audience can relate to it. At the same time, I made sure it's an entertaining read. I'm a writer, graphic designer, master gardener, freelance photographer, and cat lover. I live in L.A. and am working on starting a screenwriting career. I like to help people when I can - that's why I wrote the book. Learn from my experience. If you're lucky enough to have work, in this economy, don't spend one more day on the job without the information in this book. Knowledge IS power!
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2 Responses to Updates

  1. nhparry2288 says:

    Thanks for your comment BB. Yes, I’m glad they’re keeping us informed, too.
    Here’s to empowerment!

  2. BB says:

    Thanks for sharing this Facebook page! They are the foremost experts on this case, next to the police. Your insights are invaluable, glad you joined the page.

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