Not that I want to get into politics, here, but, just sayin’…

My Letter to the Editor of the New York Daily News: 8/2/16,

Re: Eric Trump says Ivanka is too ‘powerful’ to put up with workplace sexual harassment   by Laura Bult

Dear Editor:

As an expert on sexual harassment, as evidenced by my e-book and the seminars I’ve taught on the subject, may I just say NO ONE IS TOO STRONG OR TOO OLD OR TOO YOUNG OR TOO SKINNY OR TOO FAT OR TOO PRETTY OR TOO UGLY OR TOO ANYTHING TO GET SEXUALLY HARASSED. Who is this idiot? Oh, a Trump. ‘Nuff said.
He (and everyone else) needs to read my e-book and visit my online community: and Empowerment comes with knowledge.

Empowerment, for only $10!

Empowerment, for only $10!


About nhparry2288

I want to introduce myself and my book to you. I am N. Hope Parry, the woman who, in 1992/93 had three highly-publicized sexual harassment lawsuits – I sued ABC TV, AFTRA, and the Stage Manager of “General Hospital.” I won all three and went on to write a book about the topic, HOW TO AVOID/HANDLE/LITIGATE OVER SEXUAL HARASSMENT (I also gave seminars based on the information in my book). The book is now up on, at So many people could be helped by this book - there is much information in it about what sexual harassment is, how to handle it, and what the laws are. Sexual harassment doesn’t only happen to people in Show Biz, though – I put a lot of stories in the book about my harassment experiences in other lines of work, also, so a broader audience can relate to it. At the same time, I made sure it's an entertaining read. I'm a writer, graphic designer, master gardener, freelance photographer, and cat lover. I live in L.A. and am working on starting a screenwriting career. I like to help people when I can - that's why I wrote the book. Learn from my experience. If you're lucky enough to have work, in this economy, don't spend one more day on the job without the information in this book. Knowledge IS power!
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