Sexual Harassment in the news & elsewhere…


How many women have to come forward before this is believed? At least BOR’s advertisers are bailing on his show.


This page includes/will include :
SH in the news
SH on college campuses
SH in the military
SH where you live
SH elsewhere
SH – women 2 men; women 2 women; men 2 men

Where you live –

An article about sexual harassment on public transportation. (A good reason to take self-defense classes) Bravo, Papri and Salma Ali! – From


On college campuses –

Here’s an article about Cambridge: What do you think?

Here’s an idea… on by Ben Kenyon

In a neighborhood –

Good for them, painting a mural. By the response they’ve gotten, in the neighborhood, it was/is obviously needed –

In Canada – this changed my mind about what I believed Mounties were like:   per CTV News

Bravo for Canada – from Muskokaregion by Laurie Lamont

About sexual harassment in sports – on NDTV Sports, from Indo-Asian News Service

With an Indian twist: on The Financial Express by Jakia Begum

Bravo Missouri –

Shame on Sacramento –

Harassment by senior doctors in New Zealand hospitals? Shameful! –


PTSD can result from being sexually harassed. Understand it. If you’ve been harassed, and you believe you’ve been left with PTSD as a result, get help. From PsychCentral, by Lynn Margolies, Ph.D.:

From a National Science Foundation memo by Rhonda J. Davis, Acting Head, Office of Diversity and Inclusion  “…the first report of the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault (…”

From The Plainsman, Left Wondering: Sexual Harassment Process Leaves Some Waiting by Becky Hardy, Editor-in-Chief,


Here are links to two news stories showing that sexual harassment can happen anywhere…

100% of Parisian Women Have Been Sexually Harassed in Subway Article by Anna Merlan (on Jezebel)

Change attitudes to fight sexual harassment Tribune Editorial on DhakaTribune


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